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About Ink Wars

"Ink Wars is easy to pick up, but hard to master, it’s a great game for everyone"... Justin Wong - multiple time eSport champion, 15+ years pro gamer and holder of four Guinness World Records.

Whether you are a casual gamer or a hard-core competitor, you have come to the right place! Ink Wars offers Real-Time Bubble Versus excitement for the first time ever on a touch device!

Being the WORLD'S FIRST Bubble Fighter game, Ink Wars brings people together to share exciting fun matches for players and spectators alike.

Experience smooth competitive head-to-head VS Bubble action on the same device or compete against your rival via cross device Local Area Network (Wifi) PvP mode!

Play as two of the internet's hottest influencers:

  • Tako Jamie – a BRAND NEW character based on the sensational real-life internet star Jamie Curry !
  • Ika Lorii – a character based on the real-life Twitch pro-gamer Loriipops !

There are 28 characters in total, each with their unique attributes, grid patterns and play-styles. All characters are animated using beautiful hand-crafted HD sprites that's rarely seen in an app game.

14 enchanting Background Music tracks which further enriches the Ink Wars experience.



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Store Reviews


"Awesome visuals & immersive gameplay Fun game! I like how you've created a whole world and storyline (unlike most other bubble shooters) to make the game unique. Animation is cool too :)" 

~ James Russell


"Fun, Competitive Game Introduced to this game at Armageddon expo, downloaded and been enjoying ever since. Can be a good challenge and I really like the concept behind it."


~ Ryan Welsh


"It's addicting and tactical and the music is also great plus it didn't lag at all and the graphics are amazingly creative!!

~ Kirstytrickortreat

Ink Wars News

visual & handling improvements along with a bigger guest character!
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Ink Wars never stops improving! We are pleased to announce the following features has been added to the latest LAN PvP update: Dynamic Battle Messages to display Combo types and Technique executed Aim-Line sensitivity free range adjustment It features the … Read More

LAN PvP is coming this month!
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The BEST & BIGGEST update yet! Ink Wars will release the LAN PvP Bubble Arena within July 2017! It will feature cross-platform real-time LAN Wifi PvP It would also feature our first celebrity character – Ika Lorii, based on the … Read More

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Back by popular demand! Our next event is at The Idea Collective on 28th Jan!  Another Ink Wars themed day with family friendly fun and awesome prize tournament! Make sure you drop by to experience some squidtastic fun! This event is … Read More

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2016 has proved that Ink Wars is an ideal eSport game for all ages / genders. After iOS players joined the dynamic VS experience of Ink Wars Vs Mode for the last quarter of 2016, it’s time to share the … Read More

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Ink Wars was at the Auckland Armageddon Expo 2016!   Many new fans came to learn and love Ink Wars PvP. Check out the Highlight video of the awesome 4 day event below: Click HERE to Watch!!! Stay tuned for news … Read More

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Ink Wars has made the news! Here is an extract of the the article; Created by Auckland game studio Media Hive, InkWars takes the seemingly cute exterior of bubble shooters like Puzzle Bobble and turns them into a hardcore competitive … Read More