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A unique bubble shooter

Whether you're a casual gamer or a hard-core competitor, Ink Wars offers Real-Time Bubble Versus gameplay for the first time ever on a touch device!  Being the WORLD'S FIRST Bubble Fighter game, Ink Wars brings people together to share exciting fun matches for players and spectators alike. Experience smooth competitive head-to-head VS Bubble action on the same device or compete against your global rivals via cross device Network PvP!

" Ink Wars is easy to pick up, but hard to master.
It’s a great game for everyone "​


Justin Wong

- Multiple time eSport champion,
- 15+ years pro gamer
- Holder of 4 x Guinness World Records

play as your favorite
celeb character!

Play as 14 of the internet's hottest influencers and real-life superstars including: Donald Trump, Mark Hunt, Nixia, Gllty, Justin Wong, Jamie Curry and more!!!

Ink Wars News

FINALLY! the BEST version of Ink Wars is now LIVE! – and it’s not #FakeNews
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As promised, our fans can now enjoy the best version of the Ink Wars! We have improved or Network VS match making algorithm so that you are now guaranteed to find an opponent in less than 10 secs! Along with … Read More

2018 – a new look and so much more!
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To further solidify Ink Wars’ place as a family-friendly eSport for all ages / genders, we are undergoing some cosmetic improvements for better User Interface and a friendlier on-boarding experience. But that’s not all! We will be introducing some brand … Read More

Ultimate Evolution of a mobile e-Sport – Network VS!
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While the LAN (Wifi) PvP is super fun and even enjoyed by Jamie Curry, as a competitor we all desire to fight the best in the world! We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Network VS mode is coming … Read More